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Amsterdam Falafelshop, Somerville – Davis Sq

I usually don’t re-review places I’ve been, but technically it’s a new restaurant. I loved Amsterdam Falafelshop when I went in DC, so I was excited to hear they were opening a Boston outpost. I finally got there last night with my friend Chucky before seeing the latest Batman flick.

Your options are small (3 falafel balls) or regular (5) in a white or wheat pita. I opted for the regular sized in a white pita. Like in DC, the falafel is freshly fried to order and delicious, but the draw is really the toppings bar. As you can see from my photo, I crammed everything from beets, slaw, cucumber salad, garlic cream, tzatziki, tahini, garlic/parsley sauce in there. It wasn’t very attractive, but it was delicious. It was quite filling, and the small option may have been a better choice, plus more room for toppings!

We also shared a large order of fries – they were very crispy and not at all greasy. I used the garlic cream as a dipping sauce. It was excellent.

The prices are cheap ($5 for a small, $6 for a regular). Unlike DC, there is also a by-weight option, which you get a bowl with 3 balls and load up as you wish. I didn’t see any of the service flaws that the bloggers have been posting about. If you like falafel, it’s a must try.


Tags: middle eastern, restaurant review, somerville
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