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Sweet Cheeks, Fenway

“Have you ever had it before? Pork belly is very rich and some people find it overwhelming,” my server informed me when I told him I was debating between that and the brisket. I smiled and told him that I’ve had it many times. (In fact, I had just enjoyed an extremely delicious, albeit greasy, pork belly sandwich at Foundry on Elm five days ago) He told me that if I liked pork belly I would really enjoy it.

I was at Sweet Cheeks Q, Tiffani Faison’s (Season 1 of Top Chef) ode to southern BBQ. It’s conveniently located 2 blocks from Fenway, making it a perfect pre-game stop. I was on my own for dinner and I took the opportunity to knock it off my 2012 to go list.

You can order a la carte, or have a tray, which includes your choice of 1 meat: (pork belly, pulled pork, pork ribs, turkey leg, 1/2 chicken, pulled chicken, brisket, short rib), 1 cold side (coleslaw, potato salad, carrot & raisin salad, farm salad), 1 hot side (broccoli cheese casserole, collard greens, blackeyed peas, bbq beans, mac n´ cheese ), white bread and homemade pickles and onions.

They also have a bucket o´ biscuits (4) with honey butter for $10. I was able to order one ($3) and I was so glad I did, the biscuit was excellent. Easily the best I’ve had in recent memory, which includes my trip to Memphis. It was enormous, the size of two fists put together. It was tall, fluffy, crispy, flaky and tender all at the same time and the whipped honey butter was the perfect accompaniment. It was so good I ordered a second one to bring to Steve (he loves biscuits, too). 

I choose pork belly, mac n´ cheese and collard greens. I paid an additional $1.50 for two hot sides. My server wasn’t kidding when he said the pork belly was rich – it was fatty and unctuous, but in an excellent way. The smoke was subtle, but distinct. I ate only half my portion. The pickles and onions were an ideal foil to the richness of the meat. I didn’t like the mac n´ cheese – had I known it was made with Velveeta, I would have gotten the broccoli casserole instead. The collards were tasty, but unusual, as they were cooked with buttery.

The weather was perfect for sitting outside, marred only by the face full of Windex mist I got from the guy cleaning the windows, before he realized the breeze was picking up the cleaning spray. My server was super nice and helpful. The prices are high for BBQ – trays are $18-$28), but I think I had enough food for two, not because of quantity, but the richness of everything. I think a perfect meal would be ¼ lb of brisket, ¼ lb of pork belly, a single rib and that awesome biscuit.

 Pork belly

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