gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Phantom Gourmet food festival

Thanks again to Brian and Mj for the birthday tixs!


The foodfest took place down by Fenway and it featured samples from over 40 different restaurants and vendors (those that advertise with the Phantom). The list is too long to go over here, but the standouts were:


Harrow’s Chicken pot pie – tender chicken, rich sauce. Perfect for a cold winter night.



Kane’s Donuts – It was a glazed coffee roll, very sweet, but good.


Finz’s buffalo calamari – I thought it would be too spicy, but the buffalo sauce added flavor without too much heat. Very tender and tasty.



Spike’s junkyard dogs – it was a damn good hot dog, with a nice freshly baked roll.



Sal’s pizza – surprisingly good crust for a chain.



There were a couple of places I would have hit if the lines weren’t so crazy, maybe next year.

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