gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Punjabi Grill, Davis Square

The line at Painted Burro spilled out on to the sidewalk and dashed my hopes that Chucky and I would be able grab a quick bite. So, instead we meandered into the half-empty Punjabi Grill.  Punjabi Grill is fairly new; the 4th Indian restaurant to occupy that location in Davis Square. I ordered my standard (saag paneer) and Chucky opted for 2 appetizers: the chicken tikka and a potato coquette-like dish (I forget the name).

I thought my saag was excellent; good spinach flavor, mild heat and tender cubes of cheese. The chicken tikka was moist, and his fried potato coquettes were tasty. I was pleased with the meal and will certainly go again when I’m craving Indian.

Tags: indian, restaurant review, somerville
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