gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

JM Curley’s, Downtown Crossing

I really wanted to try JM Curley’s; so much so that I was willing to attempt to find parking, downtown, on a Saturday night and when we were told it was an hour wait, we said okay, we’ll wait. 


But luckily for us, we found a space, a 5 minute walk away, and despite being told an hour, we were seated at a high top table near the bubble hockey game 17 minutes later. The service at the bar was super slow, but my Shamrock Shock shake (green creme de menthe, crushed Oreos) was delicious and I liked the complimentary sweet/smoky/spicy popcorn. Steve’s pork chop was excellent; thick, tender and succulent. He loved it and finished every bite.


That’s where the good news ends. I should have ordered the burger, which people are raving about all over the place. But I had also read that the fried chicken was good, I really wanted some fried chicken. It was a mistake. I didn’t like the breading, it was mealy and overly seasoned, not to mention on the edge of burnt. It came with watery sweet tea, an undercooked biscuit and 5 sauces that I didn’t like. I’m sure that “Doritos Cool Ranch” ranch sounded like a good idea, but the execution was poor. I won’t even go in to how gross the fruit punch sweet and sour sauce was. The portions are generous – there was a half chicken in the box, but I only ate the wing and part of the drumstick.


The service needs improvement; it took 16 minutes to get the attention of a bartender and then another 8 minutes to get our drinks. It was a good thing we had popcorn to much on, as our food took 45 minutes to come out.



Tags: boston, gastropub, restaurant review, southern
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