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Gustazo Cuban Café, Belmont

The classic Cuban sandwich is with roast pork, ham, Swiss, pickles, mustard and it is pressed so the cheese is all melty and the exterior is crisp and toasty. I think it is a fabulous sandwich and order it whenever I see it on a menu. Chez Henri’s version is often touted as Boston’s best Cuban, but I thought it was overpriced ($14) and only okay.

I love El Oriental de Cuba’s version ($8) and whenever I’m in JP, I try to swing by for a fix.

My interest was piqued when I saw Boston’s best Cuban as a subject line on Someone raved about the version at Gustazo, so I put it on my 2012 to go list and now I can finally check it off. Brian and I had the restaurant to ourselves during lunch. It’s a small space, so it was a good thing it was empty so that there was room for the baby carriage.

I got the Cuban ($9.5), which came with plantain chips and Bri got Pan con lechon($8.5), a slow roasted pork sandwich with onions and mojo sauce. His was served with a side salad topped with avocado and pineapple. Both sandwiches were excellent; but we agreed the Cuban had the edge. Bri said, “great sandwich, but it could use more pickles.” He also thought my chips were in need of a dipping sauce and his dressing was too acidic. I agree that the plantain chips needed something, but I thought his salad was great.

Our server was a little too attentive – he checked in four times if we wanted dessert. I think that was a consequence of the empty restaurant. By the fourth time I told him we weren’t having dessert just to get him to lay off. It’s too bad; I might have been interested in the flan or avocado panna cotta.


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