gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Ba Le, Dorchester

I love the Banh Mi at Hong Cuc, but Lowell is a trek. I keep trying more local Banh Mi places, but none have come close. Dorchester has a large Vietnamese community and

word has it that Ba Le has an excellent version. It was a quick detour off of 93, and after I fought my way through the throngs of Asians, I paid $3 and got a sandwich that looked very promising.

It was close, very close, but not quite as good. I think the bread was the biggest difference; Hong Cuc’s bread is just so shatteringly crisp, where as this had some chew to it. That said, if I’m craving a Banh Mi in Boston, this is where I’m going.

Tags: dorchester, restaurant review, sandwich, vietnamese
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