gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Stowe, Vermont

Murphy’s on the Green, Hanover, NH

I returned from a wonderful long weekend in Stowe, where Steve and I celebrated New Year’s Eve. Our drive up was marred by the winter storm, so we decided to stop for lunch in Hanover, NH. All I wanted was a simple burger, so we tried Murphy’s on the Green, a popular pub for the Dartmouth crowd. My “Murph” burger hit the spot with a perfectly medium rare patty topped with crispy shallots, remoulade, bacon, and American cheese. The hand cut fries were excellent. Steve opted for sweet potato fries for his burger, which were more like huge wedges. He enjoyed his beer, as well. The service was efficient and friendly. Our burgers were on the expensive side ($13) but not outlandish.


Matterhorn, Stowe VT

“What’s good here?” I asked Steve, as we climbed the snowy ramp to the popular après ski locale. “They say the sushi is good.” He replied. I laughed, thinking it was a joke. But, he wasn’t kidding, there is a large sushi menu, in addition to all the usual suspects (salads, pizza, burgers, wings). Steve got an order of the chipotle BBQ wings and I tried the fish tacos. There were 2 and they came topped with wasabi sauce, Asian slaw and corn and black bean salsa. The fish was lightly fried and crispy, but the mash of Asian and Latin flavors did not work at all. I would have preferred one or the other. I thought Steve’s wings had decent flavor, but was hardly “jumbo” sized. We did polish off the basket of spicy fries.  


Laughing Moon Chocolates, Stowe VT

We dropped by Laughing Moon chocolates to pick up some goodies for Steve’s mother. I had read about their salted caramel chocolates, so I got some of those, as well as some buttercream truffles, home made candy canes and a bag of malted milk balls. I sampled everything, except the candy cane. I thought the chocolates were well made and the salted caramels were especially delicious. They are not cheap at $32 a pound.


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