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Painted Burro, Davis Sq.

Painted Burro is in the old Gargoyles space on Elm St in Davis Sq. It is by the same people behind Pizzeria Posto. The reviews have uniformly positive, so I put it on my 2013 to go list. Jes and I enjoyed their Sunday brunch today. I had a 10:30am reservation but it wasn’t needed, there were only a small handful of tables occupied. I started with an iced coffee horchata ($6) which is made with almond milk. It came in a huge stein, rimmed with cinnamon and sugar – delicious! We munched on freshly fried tortilla chips and salsa while we waited.


I had the “El Montanero,” ($13) crispy tortillas topped with chorizo, beans, fried plantain, rice, and 2 fried eggs. I was worried there would be too many competing flavors, but it all went together nicely. I really enjoyed it. The portion was extremely generous. My only complaint is that the eggs were a tad overcooked; I would have liked an oozing river of yellow yolk.


Jes had the French toast ($10), topped with caramelized plantains. I had a bite and it was delicious as well. She seemed to enjoy it as well.


Our server was attentive and friendly. I thought the prices were on the high side, but not unreasonable for the quality of the food. I will certainly return; The Yucatan Meatloaf caught my eye: “spicy ground sirloin loaf stuffed with chorizo, ham, chicharron, green olives & toasted almonds, 2 fried eggs, served open faced with red mole on thick toast”

Tags: mexican, restaurant review, somerville
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