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Pernil – Cuban Roast Pork

I was at my office’s annual holiday potluck and there was a huge platter of pernil. It was tender, succulent and so flavorful. I knew I had to have this recipe. Luckily, my co-worker Maddy, was happy to share. A week later I found this on my desk.


There were no written instructions, no amounts, times or temperature, just blurry pictures of the ingredients. I laughed; this may be the most ridiculous recipe I’ve ever seen. I cornered Maddy and tried to pin down more precise directions. She gave me general amounts (I wrote them next to the pictures) and told me to slather it all on a 6-10 lb pork shoulder, marinate for a day or two and then cook it at 325 for 6-8 hours.

Despite the crazy recipe, I still really wanted to try making it. My bridge club was having a potluck and I decided that this would be the perfect opportunity to try it. After all, 10lbs is a lot of pig.

I couldn’t just go on Maddy’s recipe; I did a quick web search and found this one that Saveur recommended. http://www.weareneverfull.com/low-and-slow-even-more-succulent-pernil-but-only-if-you-have-the-time/ I used her ingredients, but I used the low and slow cooking method from this recipe.

In the end, I marinated a 10lb pork shoulder for 2 days and roasted it for an hour at 425, uncovered and then turned it all the way turn to 275, covered for the next 8 hours. It was fall of the bone tender, and so very juicy. My favorite part? The skin had rendered dark and crispy. I pulled it off in one large piece and slowly savored my homemade chicharone. I thought it was a fantastic recipe. The pork shoulder is an extremely inexpensive cut of meat. I got mine for $1.29 a lb, making it affordable to serve to a crowd. I put the roast in at 10pm and woke up to the amazing aroma of pork and garlic.  

Here is what I did, an amalgamation of two recipes.

10lb fresh picnic shoulder, skin on

3 Tablespoons of Goya Sofrito

2 Boxes of Goya Ham seasoning

2 Boxes of Goya Sazón with Coriander and Annatto

1 Cup of Goya Bitter Orange Juice

1 Cup of Goya Mojo Criollo Marinade

6 cloves of garlic, minced

Stab the pork shoulder all over. Mix everything together and marinate the shoulder for 24-48 hours. I turned the pork twice during the 2 days.

Line a pan with foil, place pork shoulder, skin side up in pan with ½ the leftover marinade. Roast at 425 for an hour. Turn oven down to 275 and cover loosely with foil and cook for another 8 hours. Increase temp for 400, remove foil, and roast for another 30 minutes or so, until the skin is crispy.

Let the roast rest for 30 minutes. I would pull the skin off and trim excess fat. Shred the meat, mixing it with the juices in the bottom of the pan. I served it with rolls to make sandwiches, but rice and beans is more traditional.





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May. 30th, 2013 06:58 am (UTC)
It is a simple recipe, that tastes so good!
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