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Szechuan’s Dumpling, Arlington

Szechuan’s Dumpling opened just a few weeks ago, but people have raving about the food along the lines of “authentic Chinese food that you don’t have to drive in to Chinatown and find parking for,” I was super excited to try it out.

It was packed when we arrived, but it was 6:30pm on a Saturday night. Nevertheless, we were seated 20 minutes later and ordered our standard Chinese meal: scallion pancakes, dumplings, pea pod stems in garlic, beef chow foon and twice cooked pork.

The scallion pancakes were ultra crispy and had good scallion flavor, but were slightly too greasy They have a large selection of dumplings, including soup dumplings. We chose the shrimp and vegetable one; my first one was a disaster, it was over cooked with a mushy wrapper and non existent filling. However, the others seemed to fare better, although I still found the wrapper a little too thick. The pea pod stems were excellent and with only a little help from Steve, I polished off the whole plate. The chow foon, like the scallion pancakes, was a tad greasy; someone in the kitchen has a heavy hand with the oil. The loser of the night was the twice cooked pork; the slices of pork belly were thin and 80% fat. Now, I love my pork fat, but this was overdoing it. The cabbage was undercooked and I didn’t even touch the peppers.

The food came out slowly – the whole meal took over 90 minutes. However, it was a packed room and they are still getting their bearings. They were attentive with the water and tea, which is usually not the case in Chinatown. The meal was quite affordable and parking was super easy. I’m sure I’ll be back to try more of their offerings. The noodle soups look excellent.


Szechuan’s Dumpling
1360 Mass Ave
Arlington Heights, MA

They don’t seem to have a website.

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