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China Pearl, Woburn

There is so much to love about dim sum, after all, a cart filled with different tasty foods comes to your table, and you get to see everything before deciding on a few choice dishes. You can reject anything you don't want. The gratification is instantaneous and the food carts keep on rolling by till you are done. The plates have smaller portions, allowing for a large variety of foods. The Chinese were doing tapas long before anyone else was.

There are also things to hate about dim sum, namely, the difficult parking in Chinatown and the inevitable 30-40 minute wait for a table on a weekend. Two things I really hate when I'm hungry and wanting my breakfast, so as a result we rarely go, despite my love for dim sum.

I learned that China Pearl opened an outpost in Woburn -

and they do dim sum on the weekends. China Pearl in Chinatown is where I've always gone for dim sum, even as a small child with my family. How great it would be if the Woburn site was just as good?

Or would it be like the bakeries that fail at making bagels outside of NY? Do you need to be surrounded by Chinese people to make good dim sum, or is the Woburn Mall, with it's DSW and Fredrick's of Hollywood store good enough?

We arrived at 11:30am on Sunday (prime dim sum time) and parked in their ample parking lot. There was a wait for larger tables, but none for a table of two. We were seated immediately and the food came a rolling soon there after.

We had the usual suspects: har gow (shrimp dumplings), shu mai (pork dumplings), mini pork spare ribs, har chun (shrimp wrapped in rice dough), salt and pepper calamari and chicken feet (for me, R doesn't like them). We ended the meal with a bowl of silky tofu drenched in a sugar syrup. The only thing I missed was tripe, but that may have been expecting too much from Woburn.

The dishes were great; the shrimp were big, plump and juicy and as far as I could tell no discernible difference from the Chinatown site. I hope R is okay with the fact that his blueberry pancakes will be replaced with har gow for brunch on Sundays. :)

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