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Vejigantes, South End

Vejigantes is an upscale Puerto Rican restaurant situated in the South End where there is a large Puerto Rican community. The ambiance is festive and fun: colorful walls and the staff enthusiastically sang happy birthday to not one, but two tables.

My dining companion and I shared a chicken mofongo ($8) to start. I would have preferred the pork version, but he didn’t ask me. It was Puerto Rican comfort food personified, although I found it a tad dry. I’m sure the pork would have been moister. We then had the octopus salad ($9); it had the right amount of acid, but needed more seasoning. The seafood paella ($25) was the highlight of the meal. The rice was perfectly cooked and the seafood was tender. My favorite pork chop of all time was the one I had in Old San Juan with Christine, so I ordered the chuleta ($12) in hopes of a similar experience. No such luck, my chops were dry and over cooked. I did enjoy the side of rice and beans.

We finished the meal with a tre leches cake, served in a pool of chocolate; I liked it, but the version I had at Painted Burro last week was far superior. My mango daiquiri was so delicious, I was attempted to have a second.

My dining companion grew up in Puerto Rico, so I asked him what he thought of the restaurant. He rated the food an “8 or 9” which surprised me - I would give it a 6 or 7. The prices are affordable and the restaurant offers free valet.
Tags: restaurant review, south end, spanish
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