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A weekend in Keene, NH

My friend Carol owns a home in Keene and invited me for a weekend of rest, relaxation and bug bites.

Stonewall Farm, Keene

We started our Saturday morning with a visit to Stonewall Farm (no connection to Stonewall kitchen). It is a nonprofit working farm and educational center, including an organic dairy. We were able to purchase raw milk cheddar, farm made vanilla yogurt and a pint of just picked strawberries for our breakfast. I also got some local honey for myself.

The yogurt was thick, creamy and luscious. The strawberries were the size of a large marbles; red gems bursting with sweet juice. They were perfect for eating with the yogurt. The cheese was also delicious.



Brattleboro Farmer’s Market, Brattleboro VT

Next, we drove in to Brattleboro, VT where they have a weekly farmer’s market on Saturdays. There are a ton of vendors; mostly fruits and vegetable, but some crafts, cheese and other items are also available. There is an array of food stalls, including a surprising number of Indian offerings. We tried a sampling of food, including artisan bread, cauliflower dumplings, samosas, spring rolls and chicken satay. To be honest, none of the food was amazing, but it was a fun market to wander though all the same.


Fritz’s, Keene

Fritz’s a causal eatery serving salads, paninis, and Belgium fries. You order at the counter and then find a table among the eclectically furnished restaurant. We sat in oversized armchairs, overlooking the indoor tent space. They have live music during some evenings.

We shared the sausage and spinach panini ($6.79) - grilled sweet Italian sausage, provolone, baby spinach on ciabatta bread and an order of fries (Med – $4.39). There are a dozen sauces available; we sampled the Curry Pineapple, Parmesan Peppercorn, and Rosemary Garlic ($1.69 for 3).

The sandwich was tasty – a nice balance of flavors on good bread. The fries were excellent and we loved the dipping sauces, especially the curry pineapple. The portions were generous and very affordable.

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