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Victor’s Meat and Deli, Somerville


I have a weakness for eggplant parm. I have a picture in my head of the perfect sub; lots of thin slices of lightly breaded, but crisp, eggplant piled atop a toasted sub roll. It is nestled in a bed of homemade tomato sauce and blanketed with melty cheese (mozzarella or provolone). Where can I find it? I have no clue. It exists somewhere because I must have had it once, but the memory is elusive.


Someone posted on a thread about eggplant parm and there were several mentions for Victor’s deli, so, in the name of science I stopped by for lunch. The deli is a long counter of food in steam trays, all the standard Italian foods: chicken parm, meatballs, stuffed peppers, baked ziti, etc. The place was packed, and the line was viturally out the door. 20 minutes later I got my sub.


  • on a side note, another customer was talking about how he was selected to be on the next season of the Biggest Loser. I guess he was trying to pack it on before going to fat camp. If you watch it, look for Joe from Somerville.


The sub roll was toasted (but only because I requested it), the sauce was okay and cheese was fresh mozzarella (which I don’t think works as well as aged). The eggplant was on the limp and soggy side. All in all, a decent sub, but certainly nothing to rave about.


The search continues. . . 

Victor's meat and deli

710 Broadway
Somerville, MA 02144

(617) 625-3076

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