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Barrio Cantina, Fenway

Last year, Michael Schlow opened Happy’s in this space and it was a failure, so he completed revamped the concept and opened Barrio Cantina, a Mexican “neighborhood watering hole,” in its place.

Leslie and I had brunch (weekends 11-4pm) on Saturday. It was perfect weather for dining al fresco. We shared an order of their Loaded Nachos ($12) and tried 3 out of the 4 tacos (fish, shrimp and beef).

The nachos had 2 kinds of cheese, jalapeños, guacamole, sour cream and salsa. They were fine, but certainly not as good as my favorite pulled pork nachos from Magoun’s Saloon.


The tacos were quite pricey, given their size. They range from $7-$8 for 2 small tacos, served with a lone wedge of lime. I thought the fish was the best, but Leslie enjoyed the shrimp the most. We were both underwhelmed by the beef; it was dry and flavorless. Taqueria el Amigo is a quarter of the price and twice as good.



The restaurant was virtually empty, so the server was attentive. I think Barrio may go the way of Happy’s; the food is average and the prices are too high. I would like to know what Mexican restaurant doesn’t provide complimentary chips and salsa?
Tags: boston, brunch, mexican, restaurant review
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