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Lester’s BBQ, Burlington

I went to Lester’s when it opened 8 years ago. I don’t remember much, other than Brian and I weren’t impressed. But someone recently raved about the brisket on Chowhound calling it “consistently better than BT’s” (BT’s Smokehouse in Sturbridge is my favorite BBQ joint in Massachusetts.) So, when Kim and I decided to go to a movie on Saturday at the Burlington AMC, I suggested Lester’s for dinner.

We shared a 3-meat barbeque combo platter ($18). We chose the St. Louis ribs, Texas beef brisket and North Carolina pulled pork for our meats and mac and cheese and rice and beans for our 2 sides.

I wish I had a picture, but we dug in to the mountain of food before I remembered to snap a shot. Oh well. There were 3 ribs, which were dry and somewhat stringy. The pulled pork was also dry and lacked any smoked flavor, so it was a good thing the Kim liked all three sauces available. The pasta in the mac and cheese was soggy and the rice and beans desperately needed seasoning. The cornbread was decent. But none of this matters because the brisket was the star. It was sublime - moist, tender and unctuous. I think I agree; this brisket is better than BT’s. It would make a great sandwich and I would come back just for this brisket alone.

The portions are generous. Kim commented that she couldn’t imagine one person consuming the platter alone. Our server was super sweet and we were able to sit outside on the patio.
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