gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Amici’s, Medford

When I posted that Brian and Nicole wanted to try all the pizzerias in Medford near them, my friend Christine, Medford resident, insisted that I should try Amici’s, a small shop in West Medford.

I called to ask if their mushrooms were fresh or canned – sadly, it was the latter, so I opted for a large pepperoni pizza, foregoing my usual toppings. The pizza was $12.50 and it was ready when promised. The pizza was pretty good; the crust had the right amount of chew and the sauce was a little zesty. They were generous with the pepperoni and even hours later, when it was cold, the pizza was still tasty.


Christine tells me that I should try their Italian sub on a braided roll next.
Tags: medford, pizza, restaurant review
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