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PB Boulangerie & Bistro, Wellfleet

Two years ago, I discovered PB Boulangerie & Bistro and when I tried the bacon & cheese bread I knew I had to return to try the restaurant. We spent the weekend on the Cape with Steve’s friends, Kerry and Bryan and I finally got the opportunity. We had an excellent meal on Friday night.

I had the lemon risotto, which was a steal at $14. The rice was cooked perfectly and it had a depth of flavor I did not expected. I loved it. Steve’s rib eye ($35) was tender and flavorful, but it had a fair amount of gristle that had to be trimmed away. The fries were very good, but needed just a little more salt. My side of mashed potatoes (strangely priced at $3.40) was gluey and desperately needed seasoning.

Kerry’s Spanish octopus ($29) was the winner of the night. It came with large, unapologetic tentacles that looked like something was trying to climb off her plate. The octopus was so tender and smoky – I could not resist helping myself to a second bite, and then a third bite of her meal. She is lucky I didn’t wrestle the plate away and hoard it all to myself. Bryan’s fish stew ($29) looked good, but I did not try it.

We all shared the bittersweet chocolate mousse ($7.5) for dessert. It was thick, luscious, and creamy with deep dark chocolate goodness.

The service was slow – our waiter needed to be flagged down several times through the course of the evening, but we told ourselves it was just like being in Paris. It took over 2 hours for our meal.

When we left, the hostess handed us a baguette and a large French loaf, left over from the bakery. What a score – a delicious meal and bread for the morning!
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