gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Chilli Garden, Medford

Shhh – don’t tell Mama Tsoi, but I do like get Chinese take out occasionally. Chilli Garden is located in Medford Center, convenient to Steve’s place. I picked up an order of chicken wings ($7.5), pan fried noodles with beef ($10.5), pork belly with fresh garlic ($7) and pea tendrils with garlic ($13).

The chicken wings were over fried - resulting in dried, almost dehydrated, chicken. The noodles were okay and the beef was tender. Steve liked them more than I did. The pork belly was unbelievably spicy, to the point of making it inedible for us. There was only one chili pepper icon next to it on the menu! We both enjoyed the pea tendrils, but $13 is extremely pricey for a vegetable side dish.

Although it is convenient, I think I will be going else where for my next American-Chinese food fix.
Tags: chinese, medford, restaurant review
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