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Holiday Hor d’Oeuvres

I was assigned hor d’Oeuvres for Thanksgiving at the home of Steve’s mother. All the possibilities and choices were dizzying. I wanted something that would be interesting, creative, and, of course, delicious. I also had restrictions; the stove and oven would be not be available for use and I was gently reminded that Steve and his family “don’t have the most adventurous of palates,”

After hours of surfing food websites and Pintrest, consulting cookbooks and reviewing the Flog, I settled on 3 different hor d’Oeuvres. The first was a mini prosciutto, tomato, mozzarella and basil sliders on Jou Jous (from Iggy’s). This is always a crowd favorite and not at all scary to the pickiest of eaters.

Next, I took an endive leaf, and filled it with Maytag blue cheese, fig preserves (that I brought back from the Azores) and topped it with a spiced pecan. I also did some with ricotta instead of the blue cheese, as blue cheese can be strong. It’s a perfect bite of salty, creamy, sweet and spicy. Lastly, I wrapped chunks of fuyu persimmon and wrapped them in Niman Ranch ham. It was my own spin on the classic melon wrapped with prosciutto.

I was pleased how they turned out – everyone seemed to enjoy them and I even convinced Steve’s teenage cousin to try the persimmon, and watched him return for another. I have been tasked with hor d’Oeuvres for Christmas – back to the drawing board!

Tags: appetizers
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