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Moulton’s Seafood Restaurant, Medford


I haven’t been posting much, as R got his bottom wisdom teeth removed 2 weeks ago. He has been subsisting on a diet of soft mushy foods, which is not all that interesting to write about.


His teeth finally have healed enough to chew a little, so fish seemed to be the safest (and softest) protein. We went to Moulton’s in Medford for dinner. It’s a place that seems universally loved by Chowhounders and close by. It’s attached to a small fish market, so freshness is a forgone conclusion.


R started with a bowl of clam chowder. It was creamy and rich, with lots of clams and perfectly cooked potatoes. There is nothing worse than underdone potato in chowder. I had the Cajun swordfish. It was a very large swordfish steak, very fresh and cooked perfectly. It was an unbelievable deal at $12.99. R had the fish and chips; it was 2 large pieces of well-fried flaky cod and tasty fries. None of it was greasy; all of it was delicious.


So, I’m very pleased, I’ve found a little neighborhood gem. It’s close, convenient, plenty of parking and very affordable. Our bill, including tax and tip, came to $33. We will definitely return.


178 Winthrop Street

Medford, MA 02155
(781) 396-6466

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