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Cuvee, West Hartford CT

My tour of West Hartford happy hours with Christine continues with Cuvee, a “food, wine and champagne room.” They have an amazing happy hour discount – 50% off *everything*, Sunday – Thursday, 5 – 7pm. It is also the only happy hour I know takes reservations for the lounge area.

We were seated in low comfy leather seats, kitty corner to a low glass table, adjoining the bar area. We started with fun martinis ($4.5, each) and ordered a signature flatbread ($6), wild mushroom arancini ($5.5), a charcuterie plate ($5.5) and potato wedges ($4).

The flatbread was topped with red peppers, ricotta and prosciutto. It was small and oblong; I would be unhappy if I had paid full price for this. The crust was decent and the toppings were okay. It was not noteworthy.

The arancini were 3 large, crispy globes of tender mushroom risotto. It came with a delicious creamy onion dipping sauce.


The charcuterie plate had duck pastrami, salami and I don’t even remember what the third offering was – it was that unmemorable. It came with 2 sad streaks and 2 dots of mustard, none of the regular accoutrements that normally come with charcuterie. The duck pastrami was the best of the three.


The meal was fairly lackluster up until the potato wedges arrived. They were a glorious mound of perfectly cooked fries topped with a creamy gorgonzola sauce and big crumbles of bacon. It was outstanding. I could go for some more, right now.


We shared the blackberry cabernet cheesecake ($4) for dessert. It was creamy and tangy and came with a large dish of supermarket vanilla ice cream.


The room was packed and astonishingly loud. Our server was harried and inattentive. Twice, we garnered the unwanted attention of men, so it’s a bit of a meat market. Despite the excellent happy hour prices and the delicious potato wedges, I doubt I will be back. As much as it pains me to say it; I am too old for this.
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