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Rendezvous, Cambridge

Rendezvous opened in an old Burger King space in the middle of Central Square in 2005. The website states that “the menu is inspired by the flavors and aromas of the western Mediterranean -- Italy, France, Spain and North Africa.”

On Monday evenings (5-10pm), they have a special tapas menu ($5-$8). It was previously only available at the bar, but now you can order it from the dining room (which means you can make a reservation!). I went with some friends from work and sampled a bunch of dishes:


Mini-cassoulet of pork, duck + sausage ($7) – It was rich and hearty. A perfect dish for the kind of cold miserable weather we have been having.


Grilled Portuguese sardines with fennel-caper vinaigrette ($7) – This was a winner. I think more places should serve sardines.


Salty head-on shrimp with chili oil + lime ($7) – The shrimp were large and tender, bursting with flavor. I tried to convince my dining companions that sucking the shrimp head was the best part to no avail, so I got the heads all to myself.

Slow-roasted grilled lamb ribs with Berber spices ($8) – My friend Azelene felt the ribs were too fatty; I thought they were deliciously succulent and the spices balanced the gaminess of the meat.

Other dishes (that I did not try) at the table included:

Lobster fritters with peppers, crème fraîche+ scallions ($8)
Goat’s milk feta, muhummara + marinated olives ($5)

And from the regular dinner menu:
Potato gnocchi with braised oxtail and grated horseradish ($12)
Little lasagna of Swiss chard and fresh ricotta with chanterelles, pesto and salted almonds ($13)



We ended the meal with the lemon-buttermilk pudding with huckleberry sauce ($7) and warm chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and cinnamon cream ($8). I thought the cake was a little dry and chalky, but the lemon buttermilk pudding was excellent.

The food was enjoyed by all. The server was attentive and continued to bring refills of Iggy’s Francese bread to sop up sauces. This is a terrific deal and you should take advantage of it while you can.
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