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Portland Lobster Company, Portland ME

It was a sad event that brought us to Portland – the wake of Steve’s friend’s mother. So, we drove up to Maine with Steve’s friends, Kerry and Bryan for the afternoon. Afterwards, we stopped by Portland Lobster Company for a bite. It won the Portland Phoenix award for Best Lobster Roll, Best Seafood Restaurant and Best Patio/Outdoor Bar in 2014.

You order inside, and then find an empty orange picnic table to park at until your adorable lobster-shaped pager buzzes. The restaurant is right on the water and a dog was at every other table, enjoying the sun and music with their owners. It's a lovely afternoon spot.

The lobster roll is described as “fresh picked meat from a one pound lobster, brushed with sweet butter. Served on a toasted roll with both mayonnaise & lemon on the side.” It was a decent size for the price ($16) and the meat was firm and sweet. There was no filter and only a thin lettuce leaf to prevent the bun from getting soggy. The hand cut fries were crispy, hot and well salted and I even liked the coleslaw. Bryan’s fish sandwich ($8.5) looked excellent and he confirmed it was delicious. Steve reported that his burger was good.

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