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Summer Winter, Burlington Ma

 When life gives you lemons, make a dinner reservation and have a ribeye.


I got stood up by my bridge partner so last night turned into an impromptu dinner at Summer Winter. It is a new restaurant by the team behind the highly acclaimed Arrows restaurant in Ogunquit, Maine. R and I have always meant to go to Arrows, but didn’t think it was worth the hour and half drive. I was excited to hear about Summer Winter’s opening, but scared that it is situated in the Burlington Marriott, after all, hotel restaurants are generally overpriced and mediocre. We chose it, as it was halfway between his work and my bridge game.


R and I hit the restaurant at 8:30pm, with two of his co-workers, one who is here for the week from Germany. We had no problems getting a table; it overlooked the small greenhouse they built for herbs and such. The menu concept involves choosing an entrée, a starch, and a sauce. There are also small bites and side, but we didn’t try any.


I got the grilled tuna. It was cooked perfectly, but a bit under seasoned. I think the East Coast Grill tuna will always be my gold standard to which nothing compares. I got a enormous baked potato that came loaded with pancetta, sour cream and chives, and I chose the “numb and hot,” sauce. The sauce was too Asian fusion for my tastes.   The menu also has a bunch of “for two” options, but you can also order them “for one”, so R got the ribeye for two, for one, the potato and yam gratin and blue cheese butter. It was surprisingly good, great even. I generally don’t believe in ordering steak at a restaurant that doesn’t specialize in prime, dry aged beef, but R doesn’t have such convictions and as a consequence he eating lots of mediocre steaks. However, his ribeye was delicious, cooked perfectly, with a nice seared smoky crust, and a juicy and flavorful interior. The blue cheese butter went with it perfectly. It was a huge steak and for $24 it was almost a bargain. I also love the fact that it comes with a choice of starch. Steakhouses have gotten to the point where they charge you $40 - $50 for a steak, and then another $8-$10 for a side. I’m willing to pay top dollar for the steak, but for a freaking potato? That’s ludicrous. I ended up eating half my tuna and more than just “a bite” of his steak.


Our dinner companions got the grilled salmon and a NY strip steak. I didn’t try either, but they seemed to enjoy their meals.


Dessert was a disappointment, R and I got the chocolate and caramel sampler for two. It was a dry brownie, two chocolate cookies and a small serving of chocolate mousse. The others got a lemon meringue tart which elicited an “it’s almost as good as my mother’s,” comment and an apple and cranberry turnover. I didn’t try those either.


Last note on the bread basket, it included a honey oatmeal roll that was really tasty. I do love a good bread basket.


Overall, I really enjoyed Summer Winter and in the culinary dead zone of Burlington, it’s a welcome addition.

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