gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Elieen's Pizzeria and Grill, Lowell

We were in Lowell to see Neko Case perform; she is part of the Lowell Summer Music Series. If you have never been I would encourage you to check it out. It is a lovely outdoor venue, perfect for a warm summer night. Bring chairs, blankets and a picnic and you could not ask for a nicer evening.

We went with Chucky and Sumita and we packed snacks (chesses, crackers, chips, and brownies) and ordered a mushroom and pepperoni pizza ($13) from a nearby restaurant, Eileen's. It's located on Merrimack St, just a short walk from the concert site.

I was pleasantly surprised by the pizza – the mushrooms were fresh, not canned (although they were not sliced, but hacked up in uneven chunks). The crust was decent, although it could have used another 3 minutes in a pizza oven. Given our limited options, it was a fine dinner choice.

Tags: lowell, pizza
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