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Scissors & Pie, Boston

This shop, specializing in thick crust Roman-style pizza, opened only a few months ago on Newbury St, in a subterranean space. The Boston Globe raved about it, as well as my friend Neil, who works across the street. I had a long workday and it was 8:45pm before I realized that I had not eaten yet. I was at MIT and decided to take drive across the river for some grub. My parking mojo was working and I found a space right in front. The restaurant closes at 9:30pm, and so there was only a limited selection of pizzas available.

The pizzas are attractively displayed on large sheet trays. You determine the size of the slice you want, they cut it with scissors (hence the silly name), and pay for it by weight (60 cents to $1.05 an ounce, which can add up quickly).

I had a Livingsocial voucher for $12, so I opted for a generous slice of the margarita, which was hot out of the oven, a slice of cotto patate (mozzarella, prosciutto cotto and thinly sliced roasted potatoes), a small taste of the Italian sausage and broccoli.

photo 1

The notable thing about this pizza is the dough. It is thick and chewy – too chewy. My jaw was tired after eating my dinner. The website describes the how they “Respect the dough” and that the 72 hour rise yields the perfect crust. I will admit, although tough, it is flavorful.

photo 2

The cotto patate was my favorite. The potato and prosciutto went really well together; it was a thick hearty meal. It was less like a pizza, and more of an open faced sandwich.

The margarita had the tenderest crust; I think that is because it was freshly out of the oven, not reheated, like the other 2. But, the flavors were underwhelming and I was not impressed by the lone, wilted basil leaf.

The Italian sausage and broccoli had a nice kick from red pepper flakes, but the dried out broccoli had seen better days. I think it was a victim of sitting out too long, coupled with the reheating.

The prices are high, but that is to be expected on Newbury St. I think that I just prefer thin, crispy crust pizza above all, but it’s a nice change of pace. It is certainly a decent stop for a quick lunch, while shopping. If you go, get whatever pizza is still hot to avoid the tough crust issue.


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