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Fat Choy, Las Vegas

Situated in a small, smoky casino on E. Sahara, Fat Choy offers affordable and interesting Asian Fusion eats.

I went with a crowd of 6 and 4 of us decided to share: Peking duck baos ($7 for 2) , pork belly baos ($7), Grandma's potstickers ($6), short rib rice ($14), Sesame noodles ($8) and a short rib grilled cheese sandwich with fries ($10).

The restaurant was causal and the food came out as it was ready. First was the Short rib rice - 3 large chuck of tender braised short rib, atop rice with greens, carrots, preserved mustard greens and a perfectly running fried egg on top ($2, extra). It was really delicious and satisfying.


The potstickers would have made Mama Tsoi proud - the skins were thin and tender, encasing a flavorful pork and chive mixture.


The short rib grilled cheese was our only real fusion dish and it was awesome. The fries were blonde, a la McD's.


The baos were a big winner at our table. Kim stated that she normally doesn't like pork belly, as was prepared to give Jeff her share, but decided to try it and loved it. I think the duck bao was great, as well. There was a piece of crispy skin tucked in with the meat.

Marc did not like the sesame noodles; he thought it was too spicy and not enough sesame flavor. I thought the noodles were okay, but certainly the weakest dish of the night.


We shared a peanut mousse ($3) for dessert. There was too much gelatin, and so the mousse was a little stiff.

Our server was super friendly and attentive. There was $1.50 beers available in the casino, which could be brought in,

It is a $6.50 cab ride from the Westgate hotel, or a .9 mile walk.
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