gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

El Basha, Worcester

I was starving and had 20 minutes before my meeting at Worcester State Hospital. Uncharacteristically, I had not done any prior research on lunch options in the area, so when I saw the sign for El Basha en route, I took a chance. It is a family owned restaurant serving Middle Eastern/Lebanese food since 1991. In fact, “El Basha,” is the Lebanese word for seer, or sage.

The restaurant is large, and it is primarily table service, but I informed the woman behind the bar I was in a rush and she told me it was no problem and offered me a laminated lunch menu. I opted for the falafel sandwich ($7) and 6 minutes later I was out the door with a generously sized sandwich in hand.

I wolfed it down (without stopping to take a picture) and I was pleasantly surprised. The falafel was flavorful with a pleasing texture, the pita was tender, the vegetables were crisp, and I loved the sauce. I will definitely go back to try the kabobs.
Tags: lebanese, middle eastern, restaurant review, sandwich, worcester
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