gltsoi (gltsoi) wrote,

Lay’s flavor contest: cappuccino, bacon mac & cheese, mango salsa & wasabi ginger

Remember last year’s chicken and waffles potato chips? This year, Lay’s has 4 new crazy flavors and I felt obligated to try them (oh, the things I do for the Flog).

photo 1

Cappuccino – The chips were dusted in coffee, sugar and cinnamon. This is the closest I have ever had to a dessert potato chip. Not a winner.

Bacon mac & cheese – It was a cross between the smokiness of a BBQ chip and a sour cream and onion flavor. It was decent and I would eat it again.

photo 3

Mango salsa – This was the big loser – no one liked the odd faux fruity flavor. It tasted like fruity pebble cereal dust on a chip.

photo 4

Wasabi ginger – People really liked the unique flavor combo and actually finished the whole bag. There is a kick from the wasabi, tempered by a hint of ginger. I really hope this one wins.
Tags: snacks, tidbits
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