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Bite into Maine, Portland ME

I cannot be in Maine and not consume a lobster roll. We were going to see Jason Isbell perform in Freeport. LL Bean has a Summer in the Park concert series that you should check out; it's free and a really wonderful space for outdoor shows.

We stopped in Portland to try Bite into Maine, a food truck that has been earning all the accolades. They offer both traditional (mayo or butter) and non-traditional styles (Wasabi, Curry, & Chipotle) of lobster rolls, as well as a vegetarian sandwich of the day.


I went for the traditional Maine style (mayo and chives, $15). Steve had a TMB sandwich (local tomato, mozzarella, and basil on grilled Italian bread, $7). My lobster was great; there was a generous amount of tender, sweet lobster, kissed with mayo, brightened by the chives. The roll was buttered and grilled. Steve loved his sandwich as well.

The truck is parked at Cape Elizabeth. We enjoyed our sandwiches at a nearby picnic table and relished the gentle breeze with the beautiful view of the water. It was a perfect Maine lunch.

cape elizabeth
Tags: food truck, maine, sandwich, seafood
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