August 6th, 2007

Chocolate Bacon Bar, part II

Part I -


After much hunting, and an extended phone call with the Vosges customer service, I discovered the Whole Foods Market by Symphony Hall is the only one in the area that has the bacon bar. All weekend long I suggested to R about going on a bacon bar hunt, but he wasn’t in to it. Today, my supervisor Kristen mentions that she is going to the Symphony area to pick up her clarinet. I told her about the bar and she was willing to pick up one for me!


I got it in my hot little hands after lunch. Vosges has directions on how to property eat their candy bar, it’s completely pretentious:  

Collapse )

So how was it? Very subtle bacon flavor. I think the smoky and salty aspects of bacon come across much more than the porky aspect. I could have even used more meaty flavor. In the end, the bar is just another incarnation of the salty/sweet combo that has been around for ages. My friend Ishah used to love getting popcorn and Kit Kats at the movies and eating them together; the salt/butter/chocolate combo is the same.