August 7th, 2007

Redbones, Somerville - Pig Pickin’

We failed at going last week, and as the sky turned gray and the rain descended in the afternoon, I was worried it wouldn’t happen this week either. But the BBQ gods were with us and the rain stopped. R and I got to Redbones at 6:30 (MJ was feeling sick, so she and Brian didn’t make it for attempt #2) and there was a small, but quick moving line. They block of Chester St. and do the event outside. The hogs were all laid out and there was vigorous chopping with a large cleaver. The cook handed out random pieces of pork as we waited to move up the line. I got a nice piece with crispy charred skin. There was cole slaw (boring), potato salad (good, but strangely like a cold mashed potato with mayo), corn (soggy), collards (fantastic), beans (didn’t get any), rolls, cornbread (a little dry) and pork, lots and lots of pork. The pig was great: smoky, tender and very flavorful. There’s nothing like crispy pork skin, either. We loaded up our plates and sat at the long tables outside. There was a large brass band and the music was fun and festive. It’s always a good time, I have no doubt we will be there next year, after all, we are all about philanthropy.

Bacon is taking over the world

For all of you who "ewwwed," about the chocolate bacon bar, here's a excerpt from a recent article in the Knoxville news about Bacon Cotton Candy

"In Charleston, I dined at McCrady’s Restaurant, where chef Sean Brock introduced this country girl to fusion cuisine. He served deconstructed she-crab soup that consisted of one lump of crab, a square of thick roux and gelatinized sherry that came to life when the server poured hot broth over the ingredients; deboned quail rolled in its own skin to resemble a sausage; frozen champagne pellets prepared using liquid nitrogen; syllabub blended into a frothy foam; and bacon-flavored cotton candy using Benton’s product.

Yes, I said bacon-flavored cotton candy, and before you wrinkle your nose in disgust, let me tell you, it was one of the most incredible creations I have ever tasted. I don’t know the chemistry behind Brock’s magic of rendering bacon into the flavorful fairy dust, but it worked. I only wish I could have bagged some up and brought it home for all to sample."

Here's the full article:

Who's up for a trip to Charleston?