May 9th, 2008

Montien, Boston

Allison and I had an hour to grab a quick meal before Swan Lake on Thursday. We went to Montien for Thai, which is down the street from the Wang Center. I've been to the Montien in Inman Sq. before, but never the theater district location.

I got Pad Thai noodles (I know, so pedestrian, but I love Pad Thai) and Allison got chicken with peanut sauce. Both came flying out of the kitchen. I suspect that it means the food is not really made to order, but that there are large quantities of it precooked and heated up when the order comes in. This is a big no-no for Gordon Ramsey, but for people trying to get to the ballet on time, it was a good thing.

Both dishes were unremarkable; perfectly decent, nothing special. But most importantly, we made our curtain on time.