May 11th, 2008

Flour Bakery, South End

We've had a lovely Sunday morning. We took Zelda to Arnold's Arboretum for Lilac Sunday. We got there early (8:30am) and were able to enjoy the beautiful lilacs without the crowds. They were in full bloom and so fragrant. Try to catch them this week before it's too late.

After our walk we drove in to the South End and went to Flour Bakery. There is lots of hype around Flour and it was packed to the gills, the line was out the door. I made the mistake of letting R go in to order, while I waited outside with Zelda. I told him to get a sticky bun (apparently the owner, Joanna Chang was featured in a sticky bun Throwdown with Bobby Flay and won) and a lemon scone. What did R come out with?

  1. Lemon scone – nice lemon flavor.

  2. 2 sticky buns – good, but not the best sticky bun I've ever had. R even commented that he liked Cinnabons better!

  3. Cheddar scallion scone – it was good to have something savory, because we were going to be in sugar coma.

  4. Cinnamon cream brioche – A suprisingly simple, but tasty pastry.

  5. Twice baked almond brioche – my least favorite, it was very dry.

  6. Raspberry bar – good, very similar to the rhubarb from last night.

The man always goes over board. The stuff was good, but not worth the drive and the long wait. Hi-Rise and Iggy's will do me just fine.