May 12th, 2008

All Star Sandwich Bar, Cambridge

All I can say is don't people think about the acronym their restaurant is going to become? Or do you think Chris Schlessinger wanted to own an ASS bar?

One of the kids I work with finished her freshman year in college today, and so I took her out for lunch and ice cream. We were in Inman Sq, so it was definitely going to be Christina's for ice cream and ASS bar is right next door. I've been there once before and thought the food was overrated and overpriced. My opinion hasn't changed. She got a chili dog, I got cheese fries and the total came to $14. Do you know how many hot dogs that would buy in Ranger's Ballpark in Dallas? Brian could have had 14 hot dogs. My cheese fries were pretty good, but it's hard to mess up fried potatoes coated in melty cheese goodness.

The ice cream at Christina's was great, as always.