November 10th, 2008

Pecan Caramel Surprises

I should have known better than to trust a Rachael Ray baking recipe. The woman herself admits that she knows nothing about baking and that she looks for shortcuts whenever she can. But the pictures looked so good and I’m always on the lookout for good eggless cookie recipes, so I tried her pecan caramel surprises. You make shortbread dough, adding ground pecans to it and then wrap it around a kraft caramel and bake.   

When the cookies first came out, the caramel was nice and melty and it was a pretty decent cookie. An hour later, the caramel is hard and chewy. I guess the surprise is that you have to go to the dentist to replace the tooth you lost.

I'm not going to give you the recipe. It's not worth it.

Update: R called me at work to tell me that if you mircowave them, the caramel gets nice and gooey again. He did warn me that over mircowaving results in exploding caramel. As in exploding all over the mircowave. Sigh.

Broiled Steaks

I like to say that if you don’t set the smoke alarm off, you aren’t cooking your steak right. My standard recipe involves searing the steak on a screaming hot pan on both sides and then finishing it off in an oven till medium rare. Cook’s Country has an intriguing method for steak. You bake the steak in a 375 degree oven for 6-10 depending on the thickness of the steak and then broil it on high until it achieves the level of doneness desired. The actual recipe has a chart with all the different times.


I was at Costco and the holiday season has arrived, so they had good looking bone in rib roast. I bought a small one (5lbs) with the plan to make a prime rib, but when we got home, I did not feel like spending 2 hours roasting it. Instead, I butchered the roast in to 3 thick ribeyes and tried this recipe.


It turned out really, really well. The steak was perfectly medium rare and the broiling created a nice, brown crust that is normally attained by searing. The best part? The kitchen and surrounding rooms weren’t filled with smoke and clean up was a breeze.

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