November 23rd, 2008

G, the Minotaur

On Tuesday, I came home and my favorite cookie, a lemon macaroon from Lakota, was waiting for me on the kitchen counter. It was from Bri.


On Friday, I came home and there 2 azuki bean cream pastries from Café Japonaise. They were from Richard and he tells me these pastries are Ming Tsai’s favorite treats. I know I’ve declared all Asian deserts are waste of calories, but Café Japonaise doesn’t count, it’s a French-Japanese bakery, so the French part makes it okay. It was really tasty The pastry was flaky and light and the whipped cream was the perfect foil for the thick, rich azuki bean paste.


I’m beginning to feel like a mythical Greek monster that people leave offerings like cookies, pastries and virgins (I really hope I don’t come home and find that on my doorstep) to appease them. I think I must have really been spewing venom about faux Thanksgiving.


So thank you to Richard and Bri (neither of which was part of Team transgression, hell, Richard wasn’t even there). It was uber-thoughtful.