November 25th, 2008

Ordering for the lady; chivalrous or archaic?

In any given group of people, I am usually the food expert. People will ask me about different dishes or ingredients. If we are ordering for the group to share, I would be the person to order. However, sometime ago, at JH, V-man ordered for me. We must have been sharing food or something, but I remember finding it funny because I don’t believe anyone has ever ordered for me before. God knows R would not do it. So, now it has become a running joke, ordering my food for me.


So what do you think? It is a chivalrous gesture, reminiscent of a time when men would pull out chairs and hold doors for women (not to mention hostess gifts and thank you notes!)? Or is it an archaic reminder of when women were virtual property and were not allowed to speak for themselves, even if to only order dinner?


I think that as a joke, it’s funny, but if a guy did that on a date, run.