February 8th, 2009

Butternut Squash Lasagna

I hate when I read other people’s reviews of recipes and they have decided to “tweak” the recipe and then they slam it. If you have swapped out the butter for prune juice, it’s not going to be the same! So, I usually try to follow recipes to a T the first time around. Changes can come later, after I know what I’m working with.


That said, I was feeling crappy and I was not interested in running to the store (nor was R around to send, plus I couldn’t deal with the gazillion phone calls that would have followed). I used canned squash instead of roasting a butternut squash, and I swapped a pound of frozen spinach instead of fresh basil. I also skipped the amaretti cookies, but tossed the equivalent spices in. It turned out surprisingly well. It’s fun to have a different take on lasagna. It is lighter than traditional lasagna. The squash was mild and sweet and the spinach added heft. I think it would be even better with sausage, but that would defeat the vegetarian part of it.

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