March 15th, 2009

Vanilla Walnut Quick Bread

This recipe was in the Boston Globe last week, and I tried it out this weekend. The recipe is interesting in that it uses a biscuit methodology (cutting in the butter, mixing in the liquid) instead of a creaming method. It turned out alright. R really liked it, but I felt that it was a little dry and crumbly and too similar to a scone for my liking (which is ironic, since it was the fact that it reminded me of Petsi’s vanilla fig scone that drew me to it in the first place). It was tasty when spread with fig preserves.


I think I would try the recipe again, but with more cream (or yolks) and shape it in to individual biscuits in stead of one big loaf. Maybe some actual fig?

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Corned beef and cabbage

I love corned beef and cabbage in way that makes me think that I may not be 100% Chinese, but that there is some Irish in the family tree. I was at Whole Foods and I saw they were selling home brined corned beef. I picked some up and 2 heads of cabbage for dinner.


It’s the world’s easiest recipe. I rinsed the slab of meat, put it in a Dutch oven, covered it with water and boiled it till tender. It took about 2.5 hours. With one hour to go, I tossed in the cabbage. It was okay. I usually get the Pearl Country Club grey corned beef, and the WF version just didn’t satisfy the craving.