May 18th, 2009

Oishii, Chestnut Hill

G’s birthday celebrations have begun! On Friday, R and I went to Oishii (the original Chestnut hill location) for dinner. It’s a tiny space with one table for four and nine counter seats. As we waited they gave us 3 different laminated menus with dry erase markers. You place your order by writing on the menus and turning them in . As we pondered the different choices, I said, “this is silly, let’s just do an omakase.” Omakase is Japanese for “It’s up to you,” and it is essentially a tasting menu. All you do is tell them how much you want to spend (we went with $85 each) and sit back and enjoy. I also let them know that R would like unagi (eel) and o-toro (the fattiest part of the tuna belly) in the Omakase.


We started with Unagi tata which was a pile of broiled eel with a sweet lemony wasabi sauce topped with caviar. It was fabulously delicious. The abundance of eel with the sweetness of the sauce and the saltiness of the caviar combined in to one sublime bite.


The next dish was o-toro bana sushi; three pieces of o-toro that were lightly torched and topped with caviar (this will be a theme throughout the meal). This was the least successful dish of the night. It was tasty, but the torching didn’t do anything extra special for the fish.


We then had 6 pieces of nigiri sushi. The o-toro sushi was so good, I involuntarily closed my eyes and felt them rolling to the back of my head (it was topped with caviar, BTW). There was also piece of giant clam nigiri that was a texture revelation. It danced on the sharp edge of crunchy and rubber band-y.


The last course was 2 different sushi rolls; the white tiger (tuna, roe, cucumber rolled in white seaweed) and a yellowtail roll (topped with caviar). I liked the yellow tail more; R preferred the white tiger.


We enjoyed our meal immensely. R feels this experience has “elevated his sushi palate,” and he doesn’t know if he can go back to regular sushi. Great, my husband, the sushi diva.