July 12th, 2009

Pasha, Arlington

I’m green with envy; Archit and Mansi have an amazing honeymoon planned. They are taking a 7 day cruise from Athens to Istanbul and then doing a 12 day tour around Turkey. Pasha is a new Turkish restaurant in Arlington Center and when I read the favorable Globe review, I thought of them immediately.


It was easy to get a Thursday night reservation. The space was previously occupied by a Japanese restaurant and you can still see some of the Asian design in the décor. Service was friendly and the owner came over and talked to Archit and Mansi about eating vegetarian in Turkey.


We started with the vegetarian appetizer plate with included grape leaves, hummus, yogurt dip, mashed spicy vegetables and baba ganoush. It was a good array of food; I was delighted by the surprising cinnamon spice in the grape leaves. My only complaint is that the hummus and mashed veggies are complimentary with the bread basket. If I had known, I would have ordered a different assortment of appetizers.


For my main course, I got the manti, small cigar shaped ravioli that was highly recommended in the review. I really enjoyed it. The ravioli wrapper was thin, translucent and silky, like the dumpling wrappers my mother makes from scratch. The filling was firm and flavorful.


R’s dish was a beef and lamb mixture wrapped in phyllo dough. I forget what it was called. I think I liked it more than he did. Mansi got the vegetarian lasagna and Archit attempted to order the Imam bayildi, which the Globe declared to be “exquisite eggplant,” but, of course, they were out. He got a vegetable curry instead. I think they both liked their entrees, but were not wowed by them.  


The prices were reasonable, and parking is easy. I think it’s a nice weeknight option.