January 19th, 2010

Bretton Arms Inn, Bretton Woods NH

Last week R and I stole away for a mini ski vacation in NH. Our best meal was at the Bretton Arms dining room. We were staying at the Omni Mount Washington, a grand historic hotel, and took the complimentary shuttle to the smaller inn next door for dinner.


R started with foie gras with a cinnamon waffle. He loved it, but he thinks everything should be served with a waffle. I found the waffle distracting and preferred my lobster bisque (I don’t know why, but I’ve been on a bisque kick lately). R’s entrée was a large luscious, tender hunk of braised short rib. I think the next time I make short ribs, I will try cutting them in larger pieces and see if that improves my recipe. I had seared monkfish and it was probably the best rendition I’ve ever had. If you’ve never had monkfish, I highly recommend it; it’s like the steak of the sea.


The desserts were whimsical; my “kit kat” was more successful than his crème burlee sandwich. The kit kat was layers of hazelnut crisp covered in a soft chocolate ganache. R’s was two discs of sugar with homemade crème burlee ice cream sandwiched in between. We agreed that the sugar disc were not caramelized enough and too thick to be reminiscent of the top of a crème burlee.


Service was attentive and the bread was warm and crusty. I was very pleased with the whole dining experience.