February 1st, 2010

KO Prime Burger Bash

The burger bash was tonight and what an epic battle it was! KO Prime’s benefit for Autism Speaks featured 10 Boston chefs and their best burger entry. After the first 4 burgers, I was slowing down, at 8, I was feeling pain and when I finished the gauntlet of 10 burgers I was ready to lie on the floor, clutch my belly and moan. So my recollection of all the burgers is not equivalent. Mj took notes, so maybe she will weigh in on what I missed. Here’s the list:


Andy Husbands of Tremont 647 – Demerits for using a whole wheat bun. The sauce gave the burger a “Big Mac” taste.

Brooke Vasika from The Bristol Lounge – My favorite was the winner of the night. It was served on peppered brioche with foie gras, tomato and bearnaise sauce and a potato ring on top. The potato ring was deceiving, as it looked just like an onion ring and my friend Charles proclaimed, “I don’t like it; it doesn’t have any onion favor.” Apparently, Charles’s palate can’t be fooled.

Jamie Bissonette of Toro and Coppa – My second favorite (also inline with the voting). This burger had the most flavorful and tender meat. I think it was a blend of shortribs and chuck? It was delicious and R voted it top burger.

Jay Haaj from Mike's City Diner – This had some nice Middle Eastern spices and was served on a flatbread type bun.

Louis di Biccari of Sel De La Terre – A very plain burger, but well seasoned with Provencal spices.

Ming Tsai of Blue Ginger – Oh Ming, I still love you, but a panko encrusted shrimp patty does not make a burger, even if the oxtail fondue was delicious. R voted yours third; he gave you extra points for originality.

Tyler Potter from Lower Depths – This was one of the later burgers I tried. Clearly it wasn’t that memorable, as I don’t remember anything about it. Sorry. Maybe it was the one with a spicy sauce?

Greg Reeves of Green Street Grille – My third pick: a juicy bacon double cheese burger with fired pickles. I was surprised that the foie gras out numbered the bacon at the event. I’m glad that someone included bacon.


Evan Deluty from Stella – This was served on sandwich bread and while the top was nice and toasty, the bottom was a soggy mess.


KO Prime Burger – Another foie gras topped entry. The meat was good, but I found the bun a little thick for the size of the burger. I think it suffered from the ratio issue that a lot of sliders have.


Some of the burgers were served as sliders while others were full sized burgers cut in to quarters. Given that a slider is close to a half burger than a quarter and that I had to have a second sample of the Bristol Burger (for science) I estimate I consumed about 3 large burgers.


I love giving to charity.