February 14th, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year! South Garden, Quincy

I dread going out to dinner with my mother; she is an excellent cook, which means that no restaurant food is ever good enough for her. “It’s too salty, it’s too sweet, too much MSG, the ingredients aren’t fresh, the food is overcooked, the tea is lukewarm, we are sitting too near the bathroom, too far from the kitchen” etc, etc, etc.


So, with apprehension, R and I took my parents out for Chinese New Year. We went to South Garden (a restaurant of my mother’s choosing), a small seafood restaurant in a strip mall in Quincy. The restaurant was crowded, but we got one of the two empty tables (by the door, oh no, here come the comments). My mother talked to the manager (no ordering off a menu for us) and an ocean’s worth of seafood came. Our meal included: 2 pan fried lobsters, a huge Dungeness crab, clams in spicy black bean sauce, sliced conch with garlic chives, a 4lb steamed whole fish which was swimming along happily until my mother pointed at it, ending it’s fate, and a fish soup and 2 different stir fried vegetables.  It was a magnificent meal from start to finish and Mama Tsoi only managed a small criticism about the clams being too heavily sauced.


I don’t venture down to south shore often, but now I have a go-to Chinese restaurant.



217B Quincy Ave
Quincy, MA 02269

(617) 328-6628