September 26th, 2010

Let the Flogging resume!

I’m back and I apologize for the 2 month hiatus. There have been a lot of changes happening and blogging took a backseat to life, but I am back and ready to dish.


Toro’s Burger


Toro is Ken Oringer’s tapas bar in the South End. It seems strange to go to a tapas bar for a burger, but they are quite known for it. I had Toro’s burger at the burger bash last year and really enjoyed it. My friend Billy missed the bash, so we hit Toro for lunch so that he could experience the all short rib patty.


We ordered our burgers “messy” – the patty is smothered in a blend of garlic alioli, Cotija cheese, lime and espelette pepper. My burger was cooked a lovely medium rare, the meat was rich and flavorful and I liked the alioli, although I could not taste the lime component. The burger also had pickled red onions which added a nice contrast to the richness of the burger and sauce. My beef with this burger? Two issues: the cheese - a slice of American. Really, Ken Oringer, American? How about a nice manchego? Or even cheddar? My second issue is the cold, cottony soft bun. Toasting the bun would have helped me get pass the supermarket aisle quality of it, but they didn’t even do that. The burger is also on the small side, weighing in at 5oz, however I think given the richness of the short rib, it is an appropriate size.


Our service was slow – which is not a good thing for lunch. I liked the space - lots of exposed wood beams and brick. Our burgers were $8 a pop with no sides. The menu looks interesting enough that I would be willing to come back for dinner.


Food: B+

Service: B

Value: B

Overall: B