October 4th, 2010

Veal Marsala

For those of you that don’t know – I have been training for the Chicago Marathon for the last 4 months. The race is a week away (on 10/10/10) and in the last week of training it is important to get a lot of sleep, drink lots of fluids and, oh yeah, eat lots of carbs. I made Veal Marsala on Saturday night. I used Giada’s recipe as a base, but doubled the amount of stock and Marsala for more sauce, and used a pound of mushrooms, instead of just 2 ozs. I served it with a fresh mushroom fettuccine from Capone’s.


Despite the fact that the veal was only in the pan for less than a minute each side, I think I overcooked it a little. Next time, I will make the scallopinis of veal thicker, so that I can get some nice browning without overcooking. I think I could even use more mushrooms and thinner cut pasta would be more suitable.  


I liked the recipe a lot – I thought the pasta with the sauce had a nice balance of flavors. The recipe uses a sprig of rosemary, which I don’t think is traditional, but it added a nice herbaceousness to the sauce. It’s a quick cook - perfectly suitable for a weeknight meal. I think chicken cutlets would be an easy substitution.



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