March 12th, 2012

Speed’s Hot Dog Wagon, Newmarket Sq

I’ve been having hot dog cravings since Iceland and their superb beef/lamb rendition, but some times the Costco dog just doesn’t do it. Enter Speed’s Hot Dog Wagon, a food truck tucked away in an industrial area lot in Roxbury. My friend Billy has been raving about it for ages, so off we went for lunch today.

We couldn’t ask for better weather to sit outside and enjoyed the most massive hot dog I’ve ever seen, weighing in at ½ lb and 8 inches long. It’s a behemoth. The hot dogs are made by Pearl and have the critical snap when you bite in to it from the natural casing. I got it loaded ($8), which includes spicy brown and honey mustard, a sweet bbq sauce, relish, onions, and a beanless chili. The hot dog was delicious, but I feel like in all fairness, it’s not reasonable to call it a hot dog. It’s really a sausage, a really delicious sausage.

The truck is generally there M-Sa: 10-3, but check their twitter feed, because when they run out, they close up shop. And bring wet naps, it’s messy.